Ian Munroe, Tacoma, WA (7/14/2014)

"Jon has year after year helped me out with optimizing my personal computers. Whether it be new purchases or older devices that just have too much junk on them he really knows how to get them in tip top shape."

Steve Jackson, Puyallup, WA (7/20/14)

"When I needed help fixing some issues in my medical marijuana garden I was getting swamped with the number of different answers that google came up with. I decided to get advice from Jon. He came over and we discovered that my room not being fully sealed was leading to massive air leaks! After sealing up conditions seem to be optimal again. Thanks Jon."

David Rodriguez, Denver, CO (7/19/14)

"I have over ten years in gaming experience and a fun portion of that time was spent Las Vegas at the World Series of Poker, where I worked with Jon. He is an established professional when it comes to poker related work and skills."